14th place in Ribadesella 2015

This year was the 2nd time we participated an the Descenso del Sella, our start was much better and we did a really good race.

We finished 14th, and we were the first non spanish boat! Over 800 boats from 19 countries did participate at this race.

The winner of the race were Bouzan Sanchez and Fernandez Fiuza from the spanisch national team, 2nd on the World Championships.

Pics and more will follow soon…

PS: Thank you for for your congratulations 🙂

Ribasella 2014 the race.

We finished our first river marathon in the K2 on position 33. Our start was not so good,

we needed a bit too long to get into the boat, at that time the first 50 boats were already on the water.

The race itself was OK, we only had big problems with the steering, that’s why I have now 2 big blisters on my feet.

But for the first time it was OK, next time it will be top 20 😉

sellaK2 sellaK2_2 start1 1623758_10204637129994749_8334028251926406707_n SellaStart2


Here a few videos of the race:




From sprint to marathon

After many years and races over 200, 500 and 1000m Marc started to race Marathon.

Together with Klaus Gieres he finshed 1st on the Marathon de la Federation Luxembourgeoise



@ the Marathon de l’Ardèche they finshed on the 10th place, and 2013 together with Marvin Frick they finished on the 6th place!

m13h0281 Ardeche


This year, Marc and Chris will paddle again together in the K2, this time at the international descent of ribasella (ESP)



B-FINAL K2 500m @ World Champ. 2011 Szeged (HUN)

We didn’t paddle the whole year together in the K2, 2 month before the championships we tried a 500m chrono, it didn’t look bad we decided to race again together in the K2.

it was a good choice ;), we finshed on the 8th place on our first B-Final on a World Championship, with a better preparation a 6 or 7th place in the B-Final would have been possible.


K1 200, K2 200, K1 500 and K1 1000m we were as always in the semi finals …

2009 our fastest year

2009 was our best year, but didn’t have a lot of luck…


At the Worldcup in Racice (CZE) we reached the B-Final over 1000m in the K2, the B-Final was the third K2 1000m race for the weekend (plus K2 500m and K1 1000m races)  and we were a bit tired so didn’t paddle as good as in the heat or the semi final.




We trained good the whole year, and our times 2 days before the WC started were as fast as never before. But then Chris got sick, the motivation was down a even Marc couldn’t reach his times anymore. We reached the semi finals in all our races, but we expected more 😦